Employee Engagement-Related Spotlight Articles of June 2017

In June, our Employee Engagement Briefings highlighted 40 employee engagement-related articles. Here is a recap of the Spotlight Articles of June 2017.




5 Questions to Ask About Corporate Culture to Get Beyond the Usual Meaningless Blather

Harvard Business Review: “[S]o much of our thinking about organizational culture has become so bland, so unobjectionable, that it is on the verge of becoming meaningless. What follows, then, is an attempt at culture shock — five hard questions about the “soft” side of business that leaders must be able to answer if they hope to build a workplace that works.”




Now More Than Ever, Employees Want To Know: Is There A Second Marshmallow?

Forbes: “The psychological reality is that people will continue to invest themselves most heavily in organizations where there is a future return – where there is a second marshmallow.”



How to Proactively Build a Strong, Engaging Culture

Bonusly: “Problems will inevitably come up, and they will already have become pain points by the time you can address them with a reactive approach. It’s worth prioritizing and analyzing culture now, before employees ask. It’s important to proactively anticipate employee needs, and design an organizational culture that fosters mutual growth, trust, and esteem among all its members.”




How Managers Drive Results and Employee Engagement at the Same Time

Harvard Business Review: “To understand how some leaders are able to perform both capabilities well, we compared the results for the group in the top quartile of both skills to all other leaders in the data set. We analyzed 40 behaviors and performed a statistical test (t-test) contrasting both group’s results. By analyzing the items showing the most significant differences, we performed a factor analysis and identified six clustered groups. These appear to be the behaviors that enable that 13% of leaders to consistently use both sets of leadership skills. We labeled these clusters “behavioral bridges,” because the evidence suggests they enable leaders to simultaneously drive for results and practice good interpersonal skills. Obviously, these outcomes single out leaders as possessing six powerful skills that allow them to perform at a much higher level than those who lack these traits.”




Fellow Agents, what are your thoughts on this month’s must-read intelligence? What must-reads would you suggest?



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