Employee Engagement Intelligence Briefing: 2017.04.03 – 2017.04.07

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“These assets have been declassified and should be distributed to fellow “Agents” for review.”




The Impact of People Operations on Employee Lifetime Value

Greenhouse: “At Greenhouse, our People department consists of Talent Acquisition, People Operations, Employee Experience, and Talent Management. In this post, Director of People Operations Jessica Pfisterer shares the impact her team’s work can have on ELTV.”





If Humble People Make the Best Leaders, Why Do We Fall for Charismatic Narcissists?

Harvard Business Review: “Humble leaders improve the performance of a company in the long run because they create more collaborative environments. They have a balanced view of themselves – both their virtues and shortcomings – and a strong appreciation of others’ strengths and contributions, while being open to new ideas and feedback. These “unsung heroes” help their believers to build their self-esteem, go beyond their expectations, and create a community that channels individual efforts into an organized group that works for the good of the collective.”



10 Shocking Statistics About Disengaged Employees

Office Vibe: “Employee disengagement is a looming issue in today’s global workforce that affects everything from company productivity to customer satisfaction.”



Interview: David Zinger – Employee Engagement Network

EE_Awards: “We at The Engagement Zone sat down with the CEO of The Employee Engagement Network & Engagement 101 Fellow – David Zinger.David Zinger an employee engagement speaker, author and coach that founded the Employee Engagement Network. With 15 years’ experience as a counsellor and coach at Seagram, Zinger has a depth of experience in working with employees and helping them reach their full potential. In this interview, we ask David about the keys of employee engagement and where he sees the field in the future.



This Week in Employee Engagement: April 8, 2017

Maritz Motivation Solutions: “The utter explosion of digital content presents countless opportunities for learning. Start here to narrow down your search each week in the often overwhelming landscape of employee engagement thought leadership!”



Engagement Weekly: Tips, Tricks, and Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Allen Communication: “Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at some different ways that employee engagement affects other aspects of your business as well as different ways you can improve employee engagement and do other stuff you need to do as an employer.”



It’s Time to Redefine “Work”

Halogen Software: “In the conversations we’ve had with our customers, it’s become increasingly clear that organizational success relies on putting people first in their approach to work. The research confirms it.”



How To Take Employee Appreciation To The Next Level At Your Company

15Five: “Building a vibrant workplace requires a foundation of trust, respect, and honest communication. It also requires employee appreciation.”



How company culture can make or break your business

CIO: “If you don’t build a strong culture in your organization, one will appear anyway — and it likely won’t serve your company well.”



5 Keys to Building a Human-Centric Performance Management Process

Bonusly: “Even with modern orientation and on-boarding practices, performance evaluations, management training sessions, and a solid reward system, it can still feel like a cold, sterile environment, as opposed to one that fosters engagement and growth.” “Here are five keys you can begin implementing today to support a more human-centric performance management process.”




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