An Employee’s Guide: 6 Ways to Better Engagement in the Workplace

Engagement is a choice.6 Ways to Better Engage in the Workplace - Employee Engagement


Engaged employees begin the day with a sense of purpose and finish it with a sense of achievement. They consistently bring high levels of determination, tenacity, energy and resilience to everything they do. They are dedicated to their jobs, and it shows in their enthusiasm, inspiration and pride in their work. They become easily engrossed in their roles, and time flows quickly for them when they are at work.”2


“[O]ne important factor of engagement that most companies tend to overlook: Unless employees assume some measure of responsibility for their own engagement, the efforts of their organizations, leaders, managers and teams may have a limited effect on improving engagement.”1


In a previous post, Employee Engagement: Where to Start?, we looked at what companies can do to begin to address employee engagement. With this post, we are kicking off a new series to consider engagement from an individual employee viewpoint. Like companies, employees need to know where to start as well. Before we get to that, though, let’s reveal the six tactics we’ll be discussing.



The Six Ways to Better Engagement in the Workplace



These probably aren’t the tactics you were expecting and yet, we’ll discuss how each plays an important role in employee engagement.


You’ll notice that each of these is under the direct control of an individual and can affect their level of employee engagement a positive or negative manner. For example, a lack of sleep or poor nutrition can cause an employee to be less productive and affect their interactions with others while exercise and disengagement can energize individuals and increase their productivity.


Join us over the next six weeks as we explore each of these six ways in more detail and show how each can empower employees to become more engaged. Mindfulness will be our first and, as I contend, our most important tactic.



What are your thoughts on the list of six ways to better engagement in the workplace? Are there additional ways that should be considered? If so, what are they?



1 Royal, Ken, and Susan Sorenson. “Employees Are Responsible for Their Engagement Too.” Gallup, Inc., 16 June 2015. Web. 26 May 2016. <>.

2 Ibid.



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