Employee Engagement-Related Spotlight Articles of May 2017

In May, our Employee Engagement Briefings highlighted 50 employee engagement-related articles. Here is a recap of the Spotlight Articles of May 2017.




8 Secrets For Building Trust As A Leader

OfficeVibe: “Trust and leadership go hand in hand, however, it doesn’t come with your title. It needs to be earned.” Learn about the importance of trust in the workplace and 8 ways you can build trust as a leader.”




The Real Value Behind People Analytics

OfficeVibe: “HR departments are sitting on a treasure chest of data about their employees that they should start utilizing. Analytics can easily become overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to it, we’re here to help. In this post, you’ll see examples from companies using analytics to optimize their people processes, and simple tips for beginners to get started.”




A Strategist’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

strategy+business: “As the conceptual side of computer science becomes practical and relevant to business, companies must decide what type of AI role they should play.”




Introducing the Forecasted Employee Growth model

CultureAmp: “People analytics is a powerful tool that brings quantitative methods, research, and discipline to a field that is far behind in analytical capability. As the industry starts to mature, the metrics we define today determine the focus and trajectory of the future. If you want to truly drive ELTV, you have to break free of the model itself and understand what actually drives it rather than just measuring it. I encourage HR leaders to consider modeling ELTV alongside another metric to measure how much an employee experiences growth, which I call Forecasted Employee Growth (FEG).”



What If Companies Managed People as Carefully as They Manage Money?

Harvard Business Review: “Financial capital is abundant but carefully managed; human capital is scarce but not carefully managed. Why? In part, it’s because we value and reward good management of financial capital. And we measure it. Great CEOs are held in high regard for their clever management and allocation of financial capital. But today’s great CEOs need to be equally great at managing human capital. How can we manage human capital better?”





Fellow Agents, what are your thoughts on this month’s must-read intelligence? What must-reads would you suggest?



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