Employee Engagement-Related Spotlight Articles of July 2017

In July, our Employee Engagement Briefings highlighted 40 employee engagement-related articles. Here is a recap of the Spotlight Articles of July 2017.




How and Why You Need to Recognize Your Executives

Bonusly: “For leaders with greater influence, continuous personal improvement and targeted motivation can have a significant impact on an organization. Senior leaders make excellent champions and role models for receiving recognition as well as giving it.”




Want Your Employees to Trust You? Show You Trust Them

Harvard Business Review: “In short, trust begets trust. When people are trusted, they tend to trust in return. But people must feel trusted to reciprocate trust. Managers have to do more than trust employees; they need to show it. Based on our research work and time spent in companies studying trust, we’ve identified some of the most important ways managers erode trust and how they can signal it more clearly to their teams.”




8 Employee Engagement Ideas for Employers Who Care

Capterra: “Instead of making you suffer through another zillion-item list, I’m going to do something different. I’ve scoured HR and talent management blogs, websites, and e-books so that you don’t have to, and I’ve condensed all the best advice into eight rock-solid umbrella tips, presented for your reading pleasure in no particular order. They’re left unranked because it’s so hard to say which tips will work best due to the variety of company cultures out there. I’ve also offered three suggestions for ways to put each tip to work, because not every small business HR manager has the same level of control or influence over their company’s budget, planner, and employees.”




Stop Using the Excuse ‘Organizational Change Is Hard’

Harvard Business Review: “During nearly every discussion about organizational change, someone makes the obvious assertion that “change is hard.” On the surface, this is true: change requires effort. But the problem with this attitude, which permeates all levels of our organizations, is that it equates “hard” with “failure,” and, by doing so, it hobbles our change initiatives, which have higher success rates than we lead ourselves to believe.”





Fellow Agents, what are your thoughts on this month’s must-read intelligence? What must-reads would you suggest?



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