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Employee Engagement Intelligence Briefing: 2017.11.27 – 2017.12.01

DECLASSIFIED - Wikimedia CommonsI’m Simpson…Gregory F Simpson, Agent In Engagement.  Below is the latest intelligence briefing on employee engagement. Follow @agtinengagement to stay current with the latest updates.



“These assets have been declassified and should be distributed to fellow “Agents” for review.”




8 major HR Trends for 2018

HR Trend Institute: “The HR Trend Institute was founded nearly four years ago. Our first annual HR Trends prediction appeared in December 2014. In this article the overview of major trends we consider relevant for 2018. “Power to the People” and “Employee Intimacy” made the list.”




How 5 Companies Found the Perfect Company Culture Within Their Business

Entrepreneur: “Developing a great company culture is easier when you know what ingredients to put together, and in what measure. It’s kind of like brewing the perfect cup of coffee. You make the brew and take that first sip; and the satisfaction you experience is hard to put in words. You just know it’s good. Here are some companies that exhibit the ingredients of that perfect brew, and why.”



The Chief People Officer Of GSN Games On Corporate Culture, Employee Experience And Annual Reviews

The Future Organization: “Peter Walmsley, the Chief People Officer at GSN Games, is an experienced and committed leader with extensive Executive Human Resources experience in multi-national organizations across the USA; Europe; Asia and North Africa. He has a track record of success in setting the strategic direction, driving organizational change, providing leadership for the function, developing and influencing critical business relationships and delivering results aligned to business goals in places such as American Express and Fidelity.” “Walmsley’s advice for individuals is to embrace change and reinvent yourself periodically. His advice for executives is to listen and hear, move away from personal discomfort, and have the courage to take risks.”



Chris Stark: How Leaders Can Create A More Engaged Work Culture

Forbes: “I spoke to Chris Stark, the co-host of the Hacking Your Leadership podcast, about how leaders can improve employee engagement, the process of hacking leadership, can companies can build stronger cultures, how to find and compete for the best talent and his best career advice.”



This Week in Employee Engagement: December 1, 2017

Maritz Motivation Solutions: “The utter explosion of digital content presents countless opportunities for learning. Start here to narrow down your search each week in the often overwhelming landscape of employee engagement thought leadership!”



5 Reasons to Utilize Mobile Learning for Multigenerational Employee Training

Allen Communication: “The utilization of mobile devices in training is much more than a passing fad. Here are five reasons it is not only economical, but efficient for today’s multigenerational professionals.”



The Manager’s Role in Employee Well-Being

Gallup Blog: “Gallup describes managers’ roles in employee well-being using four concrete, attainable pillars. Managers amplify well-being by creating an environment that empowers employees to manage their own well-being — not by serving as counselors or financial planners. Managers should be well-being conduits — garnering employee ownership and connecting well-being to employees’ firsthand experiences. For companies of any type, size or industry, these four pillars offer a roadmap for creating an outcome-driving culture of well-being.”



How to Navigate a Successful Culture Transformation Process (Part 1)

Achievers: “How strong is your work culture? Are you in need of a successful culture transformation? With 21% greater profitability from engaged business units, a strong work culture can be the key to your business’ future success.  It’s important to navigate your new culture shift with the right approach. SGEi has led transformation processes over the years to improve the culture of organizations, large and small, across multiple industries. From our experience, there are some important ideas to keep in mind and an approach to be followed for any cultural transformation to be successful.”



How to Navigate a Successful Culture Transformation Process (Part 2)

Achievers: “Are you ready to transform your company’s culture? In Part [2] of this series… I’ll discuss key tips and reminders to help you through the process. Let’s start by understanding that although this is not a quick and easy process, it can be done.



Five Best Practices for Employee Offboarding

Bonusly: “We recently shared some easy steps you can take toward developing an offboarding experience that benefits both your organization and its employees.”




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