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Employee Engagement Intelligence Briefing: 2017.12.04 – 2017.12.08

Declassified folder - Wikimedia CommonsI’m Simpson…Gregory F Simpson, Agent In Engagement.  Below is the latest intelligence briefing on employee engagement. Follow @agtinengagement to stay current with the latest updates.



“These assets have been declassified and should be distributed to fellow “Agents” for review.”




A Step-By-Step Guide To Better One-On-One Meetings

OfficeVibe: “The one-on-one meeting is one of the most important tools you have as a manager. It’s the best way to discuss issues, develop a relationship, and make sure an employee’s goals are being met. It sounds simple enough, but in order for them to be effective, there’s more to it than just sitting down and chatting.”




Most Impactful Tech of the Year: Big Data analytics

HR Dive: “What is the value of an employee? Big Data analytics hopes to answer that question.”



Alexa, what do I need to get done today?

Steve Boese: “Last week Amazon announced the formal launch of the ‘Alexa for Business’ platform, that will enable organizations who place Alexa-enabled Echo devices in their offices, lobbies, and conference rooms to centrally administer these devices, provision user access to these devices, enable both public and private/custom skills to these devices, and finally, (and perhaps most interestingly), allow employees to access private/custom/proprietary skills on their personal Echo devices at home.”



Employee Feedback Examples: Evolving On Performance Reviews

CultureAmp: “Giving feedback doesn’t need to be intimidating. Here, we provide examples of the types of employee feedback, how to ask for and learn from feedback, and things to keep in mind when giving feedback. In addition, we’ll talk about how performance reviews are changing in favor of a culture of feedback.”



This Week in Employee Engagement: December 8, 2017

Maritz Motivation Solutions: “The utter explosion of digital content presents countless opportunities for learning. Start here to narrow down your search each week in the often overwhelming landscape of employee engagement thought leadership!”



Taking a Closer Look, Part 2 – Employee Engagement

PayActiv: “Contrary to popular belief, employees need only a few things to feel true engagement: A sense of social responsibility and purpose, and the right day-to-day employee benefits. Yet, unfortunately, only a few companies have a successful grasped this concept.”



How To Keep Your Employees From Mentally Disengaging Over the Holidays

Forbes: “But why do some people use this time to charge faster and farther while others slowly cruise the holiday party circuit? Much of the difference has to do with goals. If you have a goal for which you feel passion, urgency and maybe even a twinge of anxiety, you’ll view the holiday season as an opportunity to crank out great work. But if your goals are more of the ‘meh’ variety, you’ll exert bare minimum effort.”



Employee Engagement to Employee Experience: Applying Existing Knowledge

Customer Experience Magazine (UK): “Employee Experience is a relatively new area which has gained significant momentum in the last couple of years, culminating in a wide range of information being available on the subject.”



Going the extra mile: 8 nifty tips to boost employee engagement in your small business

Zoho Blog: “[L]et’s dive into the nitty-gritty of engaging your small workforce.”



How to Succeed With Your Employee Engagement Program Rollout

ITA Group: “In the last two blogs in this series, we talked about how to consolidate HR programs and how to engage throughout the employee journey. Now, we need to discuss creative ways to engage your people and what a successful rollout should look like once your employee technology solution is in place and ready for utilization.




Fellow Agents, what are your thoughts on this intelligence? What do you have to add?  What other sources should be consulted? Make entries in the comments log below.



Let’s Engage! 

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