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Employee Engagement Intelligence Briefing: 2017.10.09 – 2017.10.13

DECLASSIFIED - Wikimedia CommonsI’m Simpson…Gregory F Simpson, Agent In Engagement.  Below is the latest intelligence briefing on employee engagement. Follow @agtinengagement to stay current with the latest updates.



“These assets have been declassified and should be distributed to fellow “Agents” for review.”




Bersin: Massive Disruption for HR

HRE Daily: “Companies are living in a paradox right now: Brilliant new technology is flooding the workplace and changing business models, and yet, employee productivity and engagement levels are going down in the U.S. and around the world, said Josh Bersin during his closing keynote at this year’s HR Tech Conference.”




Want to Kill Your Performance Rankings? Here’s How to Ensure Success

Strategy+Business: “The big question, of course, is whether reengineering a performance management process actually helps a company perform better. Unfortunately, the data of stock price or other financial indicators has not yet revealed an obvious  answer. However, a very clear signal is emerging about employee engagement, which has consistently been found to correlate with business performance.”



Employee Experience, Preparing For The Future Of Work, The Importance Of Building A Human Company, And More

The Future Organization: Jacob Morgan answers people’s questions in this episode the Future of Work podcast (1:09:20)



What New Research Tells Us About Employee Experience Around the Globe

Globoforce: “Know when and how to get out of the way. That’s increasingly the message for HR and business leaders. It’s also one of the insights from a recent WorkHuman Radio conversation between Bob Schultz, general manager, IBM talent management solutions and Grant Beckett, VP global product strategy at Globoforce.”



This Week in Employee Engagement: After #HRTechConf

Maritz Motivation Solutions: “The utter explosion of digital content presents countless opportunities for learning. Start here to narrow down your search each week in the often overwhelming landscape of employee engagement thought leadership!”



Engagement Weekly: Why Engagement Matters and How to Improve it

Allen Communication: “Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at different well kept secrets behind improving employee engagement as well as different reasons why engagement is good for business.”



CFO memo: If your employees aren’t happy, your shareholders won’t be, either

CNBC: The culture of Silicon Valley companies has made a lot of highly debated headlines lately, underscoring the need for everybody to push for and safeguard positive employee experiences.” “Why? Here’s one underappreciated reason: Culture drives financial results.”



Try These 35 Inexpensive Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Justworks: “Recognition makes employees feel appreciated: you’re showing your peer, manager, or direct report that his or her work matters. Don’t let the day-to-day of your job get in the way of showing your gratitude; a little workplace appreciation goes a long way towards boosting employee morale.”



Sex, Power, and the Systems That Enable Men Like Harvey Weinstein

Harvard Business Review: “When we learn of injustice, it’s only human to focus on how to eliminate or punish the person responsible. But my research into the social psychology of power suggests that — without exculpating corrupt individuals — we also need to take a hard look at the social systems in which they commit their abuses.”



Don’t Get Too Comfortable at That Desk

New York Times: “First there were individual offices. Then cubicles and open floor plans. Now, there is a “palette of places.” New office designs are coming to a workplace near you, with layouts meant to cater to the variety of tasks required of modern white-collar workers. Put another way, it means people don’t sit in just one place.”




Fellow Agents, what are your thoughts on this intelligence? What do you have to add?  What other sources should be consulted? Make entries in the comments log below.



Let’s Engage! 

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