We help company leaders provide talented individuals with compelling reasons to join, engage, and stay with their organizations.

We believe that an engaged workforce is the foundation of organizational success.

Our mission is to help a company AND its employees succeed by creating a more meaningful, productive, and engaging workplace experience.




Employees make judgments and form opinions about their organization every single day — from the first day.3


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Photo of Gregory F Simpson

Greg Simpson
Founder and Managing Director

Agent In Engagement was founded by Greg Simpson, whose career spans more than 20 years in People & Change leadership. His work includes the creation of award-winning workplace experiences for people at all levels of Fortune 150 companies such as Accenture, State Farm Insurance Cos., Deutsche Bank, and Microsoft. Greg’s successes span many industries including Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services, Consulting, Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Pharmaceuticals.


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3 – Gallup, State of the American Workplace